Making Web Sites - 30 Useful Tools

6 December 2006 (updated)

A list of links to useful web site creation tools.

Creating Web pages

Designing graphics

Managing your site

Flash animation

  • Flash Pro - premier Flash authoring software
  • SWiSH Max - Flash creation tool
  • A4 Desk - easily create Flash sites using templates
  • DVIO - captures video from digital camera to AVI (Free)
  • KoolMoves - easily create Flash animation
  • Turbine Encoder - convert video to streaming Flash (Free)

Other features

  • MSN SiteSearch - add a search facility to your site (Free)
  • PHPBB - PHP-based system for creating forums (Free)
  • XSPF Music Player - play mp3s on your web site (Free)
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Quick Tip

Quick web address

Type the name of a web site such as 'myspace' into your browser's address bar and press CTRL+Enter to automatically add http://www and .com and be taken to the site.

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